I’ll get it tomorrow.

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Sometimes we get caught up, we fight so hard in life for survival, for the things we care about and what we believe in, that we focus only on the fight and we lose sight of our beliefs. Have you ever said or thought to yourself, “I’m so sick of having to fight so hard all the time” or “I have had to fight for everything, nothing has ever come easily”. You feel like you just can’t seem to get anywhere without a struggle, and it’s emotionally and physically exhausting.


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”Thomas Edison


We give up and walk away, (which I have done so many times before) or stop trying altogether because we feel we have no fight left, we even start to doubt the very thing we had such huge belief in, we are too tired to continue. Even though we know it takes an inner strength, perseverance, and the right attitude to keep on trying, not to give up and to eventually succeed, regardless of the number of attempts it takes, that is easier said than done.


We need to find the things in life that motivate us, that keep us strong and moving forward. Like Thomas Edison … discover your light bulb, light bulbs of inspiration to light your way in the dark times, and give you hope, a goal to reach. Once you find these pieces of inspiration, hold on to them and focus on the positive.


inspiration light



“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison


I have found my motivation in the most unexpected places, more recently, I have been inspired by my 4-year-old, and the wisdom that has been shared by him, so innocently, so randomly! “Out of the mouths of babes” and all that! There is nothing like a little perspective being thrown at you, which is needed from time to time, but it seriously hit’s home when it comes from a mere child.


His latest little insight came out of the blue, at a time when we were having fun, and playing games together. He was struggling to achieve his objective in our game and after a good 30 minutes of relentless effort, he looked at me, then smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said …


“I’ll get it tomorrow”


The perspective for me, and huge belief for him, in that one tiny comment, turned it into a profound statement of inspiration for me! No matter how many times we try and may fail today, there is always tomorrow, we don’t have to fight for it, or struggle, we just have to believe that we can continue trying, and we will succeed, if not now … although the sun will set on today, there is always tomorrow, a new day and another chance to succeed.


Sun will set on today, but there's always tomorrow


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