value of life’s lessons

“Sometimes You will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” – Unknown


We all want to have a purpose in life, and the discovery of that purpose, comes from the lessons we get from every day life, and the teachers we have. Our Greatest teachers in life are those that teach us the hardest lessons, people we may not even like, or know for that matter. I truly believe that people are brought into Your life for a reason, they add value even if we can’t necessarily see it, or the lessons they teach seem negative at the time and it’s only when we look back and reflect on our past and refer to that experience that we actually realise that it was a positive one. Each moment in life has a value, I believe the secret to discovering the real value from each life experience is to …


“Stop looking for the negative in the positive, and start looking for the positive from every negative!”


There are many lessons we would choose not to learn, and definitely wouldn’t repeat again, but ultimately … Those lessons may break us, make us, shape us, and renew us, they help us develop into the person we were created to be, and help define who we will inevitably become through the choices we make, and the decisions we take. There doesn’t seem much point in going through life, learning these amazing life lessons and then keeping that knowledge, inspiration, or experience to Yourself. We could be someone’s greatest teacher, or part of a bigger life lesson, without even realising it, and what we have taught others, may have made their lives that much better, and enriched them as a person. I also believe that no matter how big or small the impact, we can truly make a difference.


Gandhi said it perfectly … “You must be the change You wish to see in the world”


My son often reminds me that “Barney says sharing is caring” and as much as I am not a fan of his, (Barney that is) I would have to agree with purple monster on that little piece of wisdom, and with this in mind, it brought back a memory from 2004. I was asked what I believed my purpose was on this earth, and at the tender age of 27, this was the first time anyone had asked me this question. Albeit after a few glasses of red, some laid back music and a long evening of “conversation and sharing”, without hesitation, without even needing to think about it, I responded …



“To make a difference, I want to change people lives for the better”.


I believe my purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others, whether it be with a simple smile that can change their mood, and therefore their actions, and ultimately their day, or whether it be with a piece of wisdom from a life experience, all I want to do is make a difference in the lives of others, and impact their lives positively. I shared this piece of me in 2004 and never actively did anything about it, until now. And now that I have been focusing on sharing nothing but the positive, I have considered who my teachers are. Who are You surrounding Yourself with and what is it that You are learning? Look to Your teacher, and Lead by example.


“I have discovered a new-found passion for positive, and I’m loving it!”


At the same time, we also have to remember that the lessons we learn, are the lessons we choose to take from the experience (Good or bad). When someone lies to You or betrays You, You can learn one of 2 things, How to become angry, bitter and not trust so easily again or … How to forgive them and allow them the opportunity of learning from You. Your lesson is determined by who Your teachers are. Our teachers are just as important as the actual lesson, but the main ingredient in the mixture is You, and what You add in terms of Your view, Your heart and Your willingness to learn (Negative or Positive). Personally, I have learnt so much recently, and discovered more of myself, and so, to those teachers I have had along the way, who have contributed to all that I am today, Thank You.


Thank You for the pain that has taught me how to feel. Thank You for the hatred that has taught me how to love. Thank You for the lies that have taught me truth. Thank You for the mistakes that have taught me how to forgive. Thank You for the Love that has taught me how to be positive. Most of all, Thank You for the lessons that have taught me to embrace life, to be true to myself, and to Just BE!


“Let go of the negative teacher, but hold on to the lesson. Keep the positive teacher, but remember to “give back” and share the lesson, inspire others, and make a difference!”


You are exactly where You are supposed to be


“You are exactly where You are supposed to be.”


Sometimes the lessons hurt so much, because it is the only way we can truly remember it, in order to grow, and learn, and become bigger, brighter, and better. I wish You life lessons that enable You to be true to Yourself, and that bring You Love, Peace, Happiness, and a willingness to share all of that with others, whoever they may be. May You find Your purpose, embrace it, and experience life in the things You are most passionate about.


3 thoughts on “value of life’s lessons

  1. supriya says:

    How true it is when we know why we born life change completely. I know my purpose as it is also my passion to learn as much as I can from my life & from others & then share it with others …lovely feeling
    Thanks for making me learn so much things from you .. :)X

    • Simply Me says:

      The beautiful thing about life is, that we never stop learning, from oters, and from ourselves. Life is the teacher of every lesson we will ever need, it’s just whether we choose to learn.

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