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So humbled to be asked to write for “Just Pursue it” by Sue Levy … Another amazing Woman who is an inspiration!




My passion is to spread as much positivity as I can, with every available source, to encourage and motivate others. That is all I really would like to do, and if my experiences are able to help others along the way, then that is just an added bonus.


Inspiration is all around us, and I never realised it until now, You just have to be open to it. Listen for the good that is said, look for the positive right in front of You, and BE positive, Just BE YOU. What You put out there You will receive back, and it is so rewarding to be able to have such a positive impact.


I was asked by Sue to share something inspirational and to be honest, there are so many topics that are truly inspiring, whether from my own experience or others, I was spoilt for choice, I didn’t quite know where to start. Then it struck me, the “theme” is “Gratitude” and if I want to reflect on something that is inspiring, that I am truly thankful for, then it would have to be YOU.


I am thankful for the amazing bloggers, twitter posts, Facebook pages, and many more people out there, that have what seems like the same purpose, and because of You, I have discovered inspiration. I am thankful for the apparent universal message of faith and positivity that is out there, quotes, images, music, that touch the heart so profoundly, and lift the spirit.


Life has been tough for everyone, some more so than others, and I think we can all agree that it hasn’t been easy thus far. “Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes them possible” …. Looking back at my darkest moments, what was it that made me believe that it would get better?


It was the hope that there is compassion, humanity, and the basis of all emotions … that there is still love in this world. No matter what we face in our lives, no matter what we may think or feel, there is always hope.


I am thankful for every person in my life that has given me hope when I needed it most. I do believe that we can become better people and that we can make a difference in the lives of others, it can all start with something a magical and simple as a smile … It all starts with YOU.


Accept Your past, love Your present, and create Your future … Be YOU, and BE Okay with it.


Some people are hurting so badly that You have to do more than send a message to them, You have to BE the message to them. Share Your smile with others, say something positive to brighten their day, and renew their hope in the human race, You never know, You may have fun 🙂


Here’s to YOU, who You have become so far, and who You have yet to BE, Simply You Just BE!


About Christine

Christine_Just Pursue It


I am a 34 Year old woman, and mother to the most amazing 4 Year old boy. We live in a country that I love, but it is difficult at times as my entire family is in the UK.


I am a twin, and we often debate which one of us is the “better half”. I work as “Jill of all trades” in the telecommunications industry. My new found purpose is to inspire, make a difference, and as the late great Mahatma Ghandi so wisely said, “To be the change I want to see in the world”.


Blog: Simply Me Just Be

Twitter: @SimplyMeJustB

Facebook: Simply Me Just Be


“Just Pursue It” – A blog by Sue Faith Levy

Message from Sue:



Dear Christine,


What a pleasure to have a guest blogger that shares in my passion. I always say the more the merrier. The more people decide to inspire others, the faster we can change the world together. Thank You for your contribution and I hope to work together more in the future.

I’m inspired by you, I am inspired to Simply Just Be ME!


-Sincerely Sue




5 thoughts on “Simply Just Inspired

  1. Carolyn Hughes says:

    Your post overflows with gratitude, positivity and passion! Simply Just Be is such a wonderful concept. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could embrace it instead of being pulled into the world’s idea of how we should be.
    Love your blog Christine!

    • Simply Me says:

      Thank You Carolyn, Your support and encouraging words mean so much to me and I appreciate You taking the time ot share them with me. I am truly humnbled by the people I have encountered since the concept of “Simply Me Just Be” was born, and I have absolutely no regrets. There is no greater gift than to share love, positive words, inspiration and to actually make a difference. Thank You for being one of those inpirational people! 🙂

  2. supriya says:

    I always love your each & every post. Now I have a firm believe that this world is created by One hand only & that connect all of us in someway whether we know or not. Today, I found what is your name but it doesn’t matter. You are & will be a most dear friend ( I believe you are my friend & also my teacher in some way)
    I love you & thanks god I find you 🙂
    Best line:
    You were born with ability to change someone’s life don’t waste it

    • Simply Me says:

      Supriya, you always make my day with your beautiful comments and never ending encouragement! THANK YOU 🙂 x I look forward to recieving your comments, they keep me motivated. Your friend, Christine x

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