Product of our choices …



We are a product of our choices, as well as the things we are most passionate about. The things You wake up thinking about, the things You never run out of words talking about, and the things You invest every available second in … These things are Your passions, and they are where Your heart lies. I never realised how true that was, and unfortunately, those things we are most passionate about, are not always positive, or good for us either.


“You have a choice. Never stop believing in the best of You, carry hope in Your heart, wear a smile on Your face, and Just BE YOU!” …



What You carry in Your heart will manifest in Your actions, Your words, and Your life. Sometimes we carry bitterness and anger, and we don’t realise that they are harming us more than the person or event that actually hurt us to evoke our anger in the first place. When we are angry and unable to let go of it, we are essentially living a life of resentment. That resentment destroys friends, families, and us, because of our inability to forgive, our words and actions are bitter, and hurt the ones we spend the most time with. They hate seeing us like that, and don’t even enjoy our company anymore because it is too unpleasant! The worst of it is, is that we don’t even realise it. We end up building walls no one can break down, we alienate ourselves from the people who want to be a part of our lives, that love us, and that want to be close to us, but our anger and resentment won’t allow them in.


“We are only angry and bitter if we choose to be … sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all.” …


We have all encountered someone in our lives that drains us emotionally; they are negative, and bitter. They are unable to focus on the positive in their life; they only focus on the negative and the most recent “target” of their vengeful anger. The person who hurt them, becomes their “passion” and they are actually consumed by it. Everything they do revolves around hurting, attacking and slating someone who hurt them, and they don’t realise how “ugly” they become in their passion for hatred. You get invited to an event they might be at, and the first thing You think is “please don’t let this person be there because I really don’t feel like hearing about their drama anymore”. They never seem to run out of issues, and whether the same person, or a new one, there is always a target.


Don’t waste Your life hating someone, when You are guilty of hurting others too. Don’t waste Your time speaking badly of others, when You too have been hurt by another’s words. Ultimately, treat everyone as You would like to be treated, and be the kind of person you would love to meet.”


The truth of the matter is, that when they are not so busy “hating”, they are truly awesome, they are free to be themselves without all of the nonsense. They have other passions that are positive, like working with children, or being an artist, or reading a good book … They can contribute to this world in a positive way, and leave something better off than when they found it, but they don’t see that either.


We are all guilty of this whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, and my personal challenge to myself, and to You should You choose to join me, is to replace at least one negative thought with two to three positive ones, to replace every negative action, with a positive one, and pretty soon, what we might find, is that once we change our thoughts and our actions, we realise our true passions, positive ones, and we ultimately change our world for the better. People will disappoint You, they will hurt You, but You can’t change that, You can only change Your reaction.




“Life is too short for regrets, so don’t be a victim of should … could … would … Rather be the one who says “I DID”. I did make a difference, I did change My life for the better … That is my wish for You.”


If we are unable to forgive and let go, then best we never sin against another, because what right do we have to ask forgiveness from someone else when we make a mistake, if we are unable to forgive the ones who have hurt us along the way. I want to be free, life is way too short to waste time hating anyone. Life is also way too short to encourage someone else’s anger or hatred too. So … Instead of listening to it, or adding to it, rather take a stance that they should speak to the person directly, and change the topic. Pretty soon, they won’t talk to You about it anymore, You will find other topics. We only have the things in our lives that we choose to have, and if You want a happy and peaceful life, then You need to ensure that the influences in Your life are those You wish to reflect.


You and I are perfectly imperfect, we will make mistakes, and we can’t be positive all the time, but remember, that if You are being positive and people are feeding on that energy, You need to top it up with more positive influence, or it will run dry, and You will find You become despondent, and disillusioned. Focus on Your positive passions in life to replenish You, give you hope and inspiration.


“You have to “BE” before You can “DO” … Be positive, and You will act positive, You will have a positive life” …



You’ve heard the sayings, “live and let live”, “forgive and Forget“, “let go and let God” … So do it! You will inevitably give Yourself the gift of freedom, and in turn, allow others the space to free themselves. To just be themselves, positively passionate about the good in life, and to be positively passionate about letting go of the bad. Are You happy with what You carry in Your heart Today, and are You happy with who You are …


Make sure that what You carry is a blessing, and not a burden … burdens weigh You down, and slowly destroy You. Blessings up lift You, inspire You, and give You hope, ultimately, what You are positively passionate about, will bring You the happiness You not only seek in life, but the happiness that You truly deserve.


“Today I choose Life, I choose Happiness, and I choose to change my world” …




6 thoughts on “Product of our choices …

    • Simply Me says:

      It’s amazing how it sounds so simple, and yet it really is … It is putting it into practice that is so hard. We are all typically emotional human beings who will react and it is controlling Your actions that will determine the outcome … We are simply put, a work in progress 🙂 Thanks for Your feedback

  1. Carolyn Hughes says:

    I love your emphasis on life being too short for holding onto grudges and negativity. I agree with you so much that we need to let go and carry the blessing not the burden. That’s a wonderful way to put it!

    • Simply Me says:

      I agree 🙂 There is a quote I love, and it places everything You’ve said into perspective … “Never complain about getting old, when it is a privilege denied to many” … Life is the greatest gift we could ever hope to receive.

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