The skin I’m in …


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance - Oscar WildeSource:



”To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance – Oscar Wilde


How comfortable are you with the skin you’re in? I recently watched a motivational talk on YouTube by Nick Vujicic – (DVD Clip from No Arms, No Legs, No Worries – Jr. High Talk), I am humbled beyond words. Just when you think you have every right to feel uncomfortable with the way you look, someone like Nick comes along and smacks you with a good dose of perspective. What hit me the most from the 16 minute video was the statement Nick made that living with no arms and no legs was easy, it was watching his loved ones and others go through difficulties that was hard for himImagine that! No arms, no legs, easy? We’ve all experienced the difficulty and emotions of managing the expectations of others and attempt to gain their acceptance.


“With the power of encouragement, you can save a person’s life. – Nick Vujicic”


Nick stated that we each have the power to destroy or save a life.We could be the final straw that tips a person over the edge or the one saving grace that keeps them from hurting themselves or possibly worse. In one day alone, Nick counted the number of people who said something cruel or negative to him, after number 12 he felt that if there was just one more negative person then he would break, he couldn’t do this anymore. Number 13, was someone who told him how good he was looking that day, that kept him positive, holding on to face another day. Do we really have a society that condones discrimination against anyone less than perfect? Unfortunately, yes.



No negative self talk, no negative body image, or excuses allowed here



“No negative self-talk, no negative body image, or excuses allowed here!”


I do believe that society has an image of what we are supposed to look like but I believe that it is unrealistic, it is a lie. We would all love to be like the bronzed toned swimsuit model, or athlete with the 4, 6, or 8 pack, but we are not, neither are they without the airbrushing, enhancements and cosmetic surgery. It is the acceptance of ourselves and others that makes us comfortable with the skin we are in and less judgemental. What scares me for society as a whole is the fact that children are becoming cruel and attacking other children for being less than “society’s perfect”. We have minors, some as young as 7, that suffer with eating disorders, behavioural issues and self-harming which is largely contributed to by the fact that they do not feel accepted; they don’t feel a sense of belonging, or self-worth.


Self-worth comes from one thing, a belief that you are worthy.” – Wayne Dyer


We get told so many negative things by others, we are told we can’t do certain things, or that we don’t quite meet the required standards, but ultimately we have the power of choice. It is our choice to accept the opinions of others, or to define the truth for ourselves. Personally, what I gained from this message is that regardless of appearances, what matters is our purpose in life. Nick’s purpose is clearly to enhance the lives of others by giving them an honest self-image and not a false one. Perhaps it is time to focus on finding our own purpose in life, rather than worrying so much about how we look and what others may think. Surround yourself with people who can see your beauty even if you can’t see it.



 If a size 2 is beautiful, then my size 22 must be gloriousSource: Pinterest


“Beauty does not have a weight limit.” – Unknown


I have struggled with self-loathing as a teenager and adult due to weight issues. After I had my son I managed lose weight and maintain an “ideal” weight for me, yet some said I looked ill bordering on anorexic. I was nicknamed “Anna” for anorexic. Then I stopped smoking and put on 10 kilos, I was called “fat” by colleague in our open plan office for all to hear; this was about 18 months ago. I started smoking again and I became obsessed with my weight, and would cry if I gained one kilo. It is a prison of low self-esteem, there is absolutely no freedom, and all you ever want to do is cover yourself up. Yet, I have both arms and both legs, so what do I honestly have to complain about!


“Once you accept yourself just the way you are, warts and all, then you will be more beautiful that you could possibly imagine.”


I have met gorgeous people with bodies most would love to have, yet they have just as many insecurities and low self-esteem too. It doesn’t matter what size you are or what you would like to change about yourself, we are generally never happy with how we look. Just when we “fix” one thing about our appearance, we will find something else to “fix”. If we give ourselves something else to focus on, something positive, then we won’t have time to feed the negative self-image and hate the skin we’re in.



fight against a negative self-image and regain your self-worth

Source: Pinterest


“Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.” – Unknown


We teach our children their most valuable life lessons. They grow up with perceptions that become their realities. The only way we can take preventative measures to stop society’s perceptions becoming their “norm, is to start with you. Regardless of what you think of feel, there is beauty inside you. Start this amazing New Year ahead of you with a new self-image. An image of confidence, of love, of infinite possibilities, all of which you carry inside you.


“I would rather work on becoming more beautiful on the inside, than trying so hard to change the outside.


External beauty fades but the real beauty of you will always shine through. The external beauty you wish to achieve can only be found in confidence anyway. moderate confidence is always more attractive than an aesthetically beautiful personal with low self-esteem. When you love who you are it shows, you “glow” with inner beauty. If you can get that right, then life is Be-YOU-tiful!



I am beautiful inside



I am just me …


“I’m BEAUTIFUL inside”




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15 thoughts on “The skin I’m in …

  1. StillValerie says:

    Great post to start off the year. I’ve seen Nick speak on a few videos a few years ago and remember how uplifted I felt from all his positive energy and outlook on life. Thanks for the perspective adjustment you two!

    • Simply Me says:

      Thank you 🙂 I cried watching Nick’s video clip, no one can deny that God has such a great plan for him, he is a inspiration indeed! Seeing is all about perspective, and I only hope I manage to keep perspective this Year. Have a great 2013, I wish you all the best.

  2. supriya says:

    How glad & thankful to GOD that in so way you an inspiring person is become a part of my life. Your every post touch me deeply no words can explain this feeling. Its my privilege that you think my words inspire you too. THANK YOU SO MUCH

    Now comes to you today post its outstanding so true its is it not cost a penny if we show little kindness, little love towards others. A SINGLE WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT CAN GIVE SOME ONE A HOPE that help him/her to face the hard time of their life. Specially to a child never say a single negative word to the child it can leave a mark for all of his life.

    Best Line for you posts are :
    “With the power of encouragement, you can save a person’s life. – Nick Vujicic”
    “It is the acceptance of ourselves and others that makes us comfortable with the skin we are in and less judgmental”.
    ” I would rather work on becoming more beautiful on the inside, than trying so hard to change the outside.”

    • Simply Me says:

      Thank you for your encouragement and your feedback, I really appreciate it, and I love that you share the same passion for inspiring others. Keep shining 🙂 May 2013 be a brilliant Year for you! x

    • Simply Me says:

      Thanks my Heather 🙂 I am already so blessed in life because I have such amazing people like you in it. You are an inspiration and I am grateful we are sharing this journey. xxx

  3. ZazuMove says:

    I think I have never read a post with more heartfelt intensity and Nick Vujicic impressed me lots. Thank you so much for sharing. Cheers from Italy Katharina
    PS I would like to reblog it

      • ZazuMove says:

        Thank you once more – you just made my week beginning fabulous!!!! Connecting is one of the best part of life… I go to reblog your wonderful post tomorrow. Good night and friendly greetings, Katharina

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