About Me … Well, It’s Just Me


I am Simply Me, it has taken a long time for me to be able to look at the person in the mirror and actually like what I see, and because of the journey that I have been fortunate enough to experience, I wanted to share part of me with you.


I don’t regret my life, good or bad, everything has made me who I am today, and I happen to like who I am! So, a word of encouragement to all of you who need it … Don’t let the limited view of others restrict your vision or ability to be individually YOU! 😉 Just BE


Hopefully, on this journey, along the way we will all be able to spread some positive words, thought’s, energy and inspire others …


…”To be inspired is great … To inspire is INCREDIBLE”


So here’s to YOU, who You have become so far, and who You have yet to BE, Simply You Just BE!


32 thoughts on “About Me … Well, It’s Just Me

  1. ZazuMove says:

    That’s so true, you bring it to the point already in your name, love it! I looked through your awesome blog and will be pleased to follow you in the future. All the best from Italy, Katharina

    • Simply Me says:

      Thank You Katharina, I really appreciate the feedback, thank You for taking the time to visit my blog, especially all the way from Italy! I love Rome, can’t wait to visit again! grazie mille x

    • Simply Me says:

      I totally agree! Seek and you will find … If you look for the good in others you will see it, if you look for the positive from every negative, you will find it, seeing is all about perspective. 🙂

    • Simply Me says:

      Katharina, Thank You sooo much for the nomination, you gave me the best xmas and birthday present ever!!! I am truly grateful that I am able to share positive thoughts and hopefully inspire others, and nominations like this make me feel like I am truly living my purpose. x 🙂

      • ZazuMove says:

        Great!! Thank you so much, that makes my day 🙂 ! I’m so happy that you appreciate it! I look forward to my next visit, dear greetings from Tuscany, Katharina

  2. StillValerie says:

    Thanks for following my blog as it gave me a chance to find your great blog. As you can tell by al the likes, I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog and look forward to following your posts going forward.


    • Simply Me says:

      😉 LOL, Absolutely! Whats not to like. You are beautiful in a very unique way, and here for a purpose only you can discover, once you realise that, you are on the journey you were destined to travel.

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